The Concepts To Follow In Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one way by which you can select investment instruments. It is used to distinguish the systematic price patterns and existing trends of the securities market movement. Once these are identified, the investments can be done in those financial instruments that are safe and reflect the potential of development in the future.

Various instruments and concepts are used for the purpose of technical analysis. You need to follow the concepts of technical analysis to trade successfully in the forex market.

Given below are some of the important concepts of technical analysis in forex:


Chart is an important concept of technical analysis which you need to follow while trading in forex.. Price charts are the primary instrument which plots the price movement over specific time frames. A chart can give you a complete picture of price history over a period of time. It can also depict the history of the volume of trading in forex market.

Price charts are the key tools of the technical analyst. Charts will tell you about the market movement, whether the market is moving up or down. Charts are valuable in determining the probabilities of success for the decision to buy, sell or hold. The key to successful technical analysis is figuring out how to analyze the information the charts provide and, in turn, forecast future price movements. Chart analysis is based on the theory that prices tend to move in trends, and that past price behavior can give clues to the future direction of the trend. The purpose of chart analysis is to identify and evaluate price trends, with the objective of profiting from the future movement of prices.


Pattern is another concept in technical analysis in forex. A pattern can gives you clues on how to read the chart and, in turn, predicts the future price movement. By observing and studying these patterns over many years, you can developed your own interpretations of how to read them, the level of reliability they will ascribe to them, and other factors that need to be taken into consideration when analyzing the pattern.


The volume provides clues about price movements. You can combine a pattern with information about volume and you can get an insight into the pattern and happenings in the market. Volume is an important concept in technical analysis in assessing the intensity of price movements. It can be said that price follows volume and volume follows price. Observing volume will be useful in gauging the level of commitment of buyers and sellers. Volume is an indicator of the health of a trend.


Technical analysis is based on the fact that the prices move in fairly definite trends. Trendlines are an essential concept to follow in technical analysis. You can use trendlines to identify the direction of the movement of prices and to determine if and when the movement will change. Trendlines has the ability to support price declines or resist price advances. A trendline not only shows the trend but it also defines the limits of price swings of the forex market.

Support and resistance

Another important concept of technical analysis is the concept of support and resistance. Support is just like the floor for the price while resistance can be thought of as the ceiling for the price. When the price breaks through a resistance, that level becomes the new support level. The reverse is true when the price breaks through a support level.

You can follow the concept of support and resistance during trend trading. If the trend is up, you can go long at support and take profit at resistance. If the trend is down, you can to go short at resistance and take profit at support. The concept of support and resistance should be used as reference points when looking at a forex chart and trying to make a decision. They can give you a good idea of where to put your stop loss or take profit orders.

The above given articles on the technical analysis concepts will enhance your knowledge about the various concepts you need to follow while trading forex. Understanding and following the above important concepts of technical analysis will help you to become a successful trader.